The ATA Carnet Customs Document

The ATA Carnet is an internationally recognized customs document permitting duty-free and tax-free exportation and importation of goods into countries and territories that have joined the ATA and Istanbul Conventions, for a period of up to one year. The abbreviation ATA is  a combination of the French and English terms “Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission” and refers to the temporary export of goods.  

On a Carnet, you can carry:                                                                              

  • Commercial samples,
    Uusi ATA LOGO sininen
  • Professional equipment and
  • Goods for presentation or use at trade fairs, shows, exhibitions, or similar events.

ATA Carnet with the traveller  and Finnish Transport and Communication Agency    
Processing fees starting from the 1st of January 2024.pdf  577.23 Kt <
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Chambers of Commerce do not issue ATA Carnets to the Russian Federation, Belarus and Ukraine.
List of Customs Offices accepting ATA Carnets in Russia.pdf  218.27 Kt 
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Examples may include computers, tools, filmmaking gear, musical instruments, machines, jewellery, clothes, medical devices and works of art.  

Consumable or disposable items, as well as goods shipped for repair and/or processing are not eligible to the Carnet programme. 
The ATA Carnet programme is intended to ease and simplify the temporary admission formalities performed by Customs Authorities for the abovementioned categories of goods, by:

  • Replacing export documents in the country of consignment,
  • Replacing customs documents required in the country of temporary exportation,
  • Including a globally accepted guarantee that covers potential customs duties and taxes on imported goods, and
  • Serving as a transit document for goods. 

The ATA Carnet does not replace other potentially required import documents or licenses, for example, import licenses for firearms or health certificates etc. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that he/she has all the appropriate and valid licenses and documentation required for the journey. Requirements of wooden packing material in international trade should be checked on the website of the Finnish Food Authority  and the need of freight licenses on Traficom's website.

The ATA Carnet does not replace cargo insurance. Therefore, the holder is advised to insure the goods as usual. When determining the insurance value, please note that Customs Authorities are entitled to collect import duties and other charges based on the goods’ value when, for instance, the goods are stolen in the country of temporary admission. 

Goods exported under the ATA Carnet programme must be re-exported and returned to the initial country of consignment within the set period of time (max. one year), where the ATA Carnet must be returned to the issuing Chamber of Commerce.

The users are advised to familiarise themselves with the commitment letter, in which they commit to complying with the ATA Convention on temporary admission of goods.
More information on ICC's website here.